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Vätterleden Logistik AB Significantly Improved their Customer Integration

Vätterleden Logistik AB, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider based in Landvetter, Sweden, has implemented Ongoing WMS to improve their customer integration capabilities. With a client base of 25, Vätterleden recognized the need for a solution that could enhance their service offerings. According to the System Administrator Marcus Taube at Vätterleden Logistik AB, the company chose Ongoing WMS due to its flexibility and cloud-based infrastructure.

"We previously worked in an older WMS. We realized that we needed a more flexible system because we have a large need to integrate more customers with different types of business systems, and that's where we saw that Ongoing WMS had these capabilities," Taube said. The cloud-based system was another factor that made Ongoing WMS the right choice, as the system is highly accessible on various devices. He particularly mentions that they have had great use of the possibility to create free-of-charge logins for their customers, for them to be able to check warehouse status and view orders in real-time.

A Client Support to be Proud of

Since starting the implementation in early 2020, Vätterleden now uses Ongoing WMS for all their warehouse operations including inbound and outbound deliveries, picking and packing orders, inventory management, and storage. "We use Ongoing to the fullest and continuously learn new functions that help us in our daily work," Taube said. And as already mentioned, customers also noticeably benefit from the system's ease of use and accessibility via the cloud, a clear contrast to their previous WMS solution that lacked those capabilities.

Taube continues by saying that the fast and responsive support provided by the Ongoing team was the biggest advantage of Ongoing WMS for Vätterleden. "The support is always available and very accommodating. If we need to add a feature or similar to the system, it is usually resolved quickly with just a phone call," he said. "There are solutions to everything and the Ongoing support is the best support we have ever encountered during our years in business."

Collaborative Success During the Implementation

Jesper Larsson, Vätterleden’s former personal software developer at Ongoing, and Leo Wahlgren, who later took over as their personal Ongoing contact, played vital roles in the success of the implementation. "When I took over as customer responsible for Vätterleden, the first thing I did was to come out and visit the warehouse to get a good understanding of their specific needs. Since then, we have made numerous developments and customizations together," Wahlgren said. He also added what a joy it has been to collaborate with the Vätterleden team. “Marcus Taube and Roger Johansson [CEO at Vätterleden] have been incredibly friendly and easy to work with throughout the implementation process.”

As Taube has been very pleased with the successful implementation of Ongoing WMS, he sees potential for further improvements to their warehouse operations in collaboration with Ongoing. "We are delighted with the flexibility and customer-friendly capabilities of Ongoing WMS, and we see it as a possible solution for our automation needs in the future, given its support for such integrations," Taube ended.

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Vätterleden Logistik AB, a leading 3PL provider based in Landvetter, Sweden, started their implementation of Ongoing WMS in early 2020. Fast forward to today, and Vätterleden uses Ongoing WMS across all their warehouse operations, from inbound and outbound deliveries to inventory management, and more. In contrast to their former system which lacked flexibility and accessibility, Vätterleden now embraces the power of our cloud-based WMS, leveraging it to offer real-time order updates and warehouse status checks to their clients. A huge thanks to System Administrator Marcus Taube and the Vätterleden team for their partnership and kind words about our support team. We're also grateful to our own Jesper Larsson and Leo Wahlgren for their diligent work in ensuring a seamless implementation process. We’re thrilled to follow Vätterleden’s growth ahead and to explore new possibilities that will further enhance their operations. Read more about our journey together with Vätterleden in the article below. #wms #warehousemanagement #3PL #thirdpartylogistics #customersuccess #customerexperience #customersuccessstory #ongoingWMS #logistics #logisticmanagement

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